5 Stunning Dining Room Table Centerpiece Ideas

When not in use, the dining room table can become a centrepiece of any home.

The right decorative theme can transform a large expanse of wood or glass into an attention-stealing point of focus, or it can provide a complementary accessory to a room or area’s overall design and feel.

Whilst a common option is to simply adorn the table with a fruit bowl, there are a number of different dining room table design ideas that can make use of the space and transform the room.

So, if the festive season is over and you’re glancing at your empty dining room table, knowing it deserves better than to be bare, read on for our 5 unique dining room table decoration ideas!

With Candles

Candles are an atmospheric addition to any room, or interior design theme. However a dining room table design laden with candles can really help to set the mood of a room. 

Candles can be captivating in the way that the flames can appear to bend and dance depending on which way the light or breeze hits them, and this really aids how a room feels to both visitors and residents alike.

Be it romantic, or relaxing, candles are a great dining room table centrepiece addition for helping to give a room a particular mood. To further dictate how a room feels, you can even invest in scented or high end candles to give off different smells that can change our moods just as music can.

At Silkwood Traders, we think our lacquer tealight holders are the perfect addition to your candle centrepiece. The traditional Vietnamese lacquer technique used in our products gives our tealights an intense depth of colour which can be really accentuated in dim lighting with the dancing of a flame.

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With Flowers

When it comes to interior design flowers can really lift our spirits and provide shades of light to darker rooms, all whilst connecting us with nature.

If you’re a keen gardener, you can use your creativity to make a floral display for the centre of your dining room table.

As different flowers bloom in different seasons, you could even produce seasonal displays like springtime yellows and rustic autumn reds.

Flower displays could be arranged in decorative vases of all shapes and sizes, or even on unique objects like a decorative watering can or basket.

However if you, or someone you live with suffers from allergies, try replacing the flowers you would have used with their artificial counterparts. Artificial flower displays can be the next best thing, giving off the same effect with minimal management!

With Tablecloths

If your home is following a minimalist theme, a dainty tablecloth can provide that decorative touch without infringing on your decluttered design.

Tablecloths can achieve a variety of different looks, from bold and beautiful statements, to softer, gentler finishes.

However try to avoid using thick materials. As the design is minimalist, you’ll want the colours to speak for you and the eye to not be caught on bulky looking materials. 

Use fine, more delicate materials such as organza, silk, and even upscale cotton to drape across your table.

As well as providing a finishing touch to a room, your tablecloth will be functional too by preventing dust from settling on the table surface, keeping it looking clean for longer.

With Unique Centrepieces 

Sometimes we want our homes to showcase our eclectic taste and one way to do that is by displaying a unique centrepiece!

Searches for unique homeware items, and unique home decorating ideas are becoming more and more popular as homeowners look to reflect their personalities in their homes individuality.

One suggestion for a unique dining room centrepiece is by using a row of books, supported either end by ornamental, or especially designed bookends. The bookends vary in both shape and style, and can be made out of materials such as marble or concrete, with designs such as black and gold, geometric and even nautical themes. 

Away from books and bookends, at Silkwood Traders we have the very item that may just steal the show… Our lacquer balancing wine bottle holder

It’s guaranteed to draw both amazement and compliments because of how unique and magical it really is! Made from wood composite fibreboard and with layers of lacquer applied over several months, it’s stylish, glossy and practical – the holder won’t spill a drop.

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With Vases

Vases are a timeless centrepiece design that look good either individually, in a group, or adorned with flowers.

Thanks to the wide array of colors that vases come in, they are an essential decorative aspect for aiding a theme. For example, a minimalist theme may benefit from small, chrome or silver vases, whereas a bolder theme may use bright, solid colours.

One of the keys to designing a centrepiece with a group of vases is to always arrange them in an odd number. This is because the grouping then becomes more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

It’s also recommended that whilst you can use a multitude of different heights and shapes, it is important to always use the same material of the vases the same so that the group looks cohesive overall.

Below you can see an example of how our lacquer Picasso Vase and balancing bottle holder really give a cream table a splash of colour, bringing the table to life.

At Silkwood Traders we can really help your dining room table centrepiece come to life. Whether it’s with our unique balancing bottle holders, with our glossy, timeless looking vases or even with our delicate tealight holders, you’re bound to find something to set off your style. Shop online today.

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