5 Ways to Uniquely Decorate Your Fireplace

The fireplace. Over the holiday season it’s a traditional centrepiece, decorated with holly and ivy, or festive garlands of green and red. 

Over the winter however, it’s a symbolism of warmth and comfort. A place to heat up after a particularly cold walk, or a place to settle in with a book whilst the winter weather howls outside. 

However whatever the weather, the fireplace is always an area of a room that deserves decorating. So if your fireplace needs a spruce up this Winter, we’ve got 5 ways that you can decorate your fireplace and add a touch of uniqueness to your centrepiece.

1. With Lacquer Vases

We may be a little bias, but the depth of colour, glossy sheen and robustness that lacquer products provide is the perfect complement to the dancing red and orange flames of the fireplace.

We particularly recommend our metallic red Vietnamese lacquer vases for their depth of colour that’s almost three-dimensional. They’re sensuous, warming and decadent, and they’ll provide a much needed complementary splash of colour to any fireplace. Pair them with artificial flowers or Ting Tings for a true oriental look.

2. With a Mirror That Matches The Colour

One thing that looks fantastic and contemporary above fireplaces are mirrors. If you can make the mirror match the colour scheme, even better. For example if your fireplace grate is gold, try to find a mirror that has a gold frame.

What completes this look is anchoring the fireplace mantel with a large ornament in front of the mirror. Then, accessorise around the mantle with smaller ornaments like candlesticks and other decorative objects. Use colors and materials found around the room for a flowing, cohesive design.

3. With Artwork

Somehow, paintings, posters and canvases are always given a finishing touch if they’re hung above a fireplace.


This is mostly because artwork that is placed above a mantelpiece automatically creates a focal point for a room. For a finished look, experts recommend choosing one colour from the piece of artwork that will take the role of a focal point and then repeating that colour in other details around the room. If you want to keep a more classical theme, use a mount. A mount is doubly useful as it can boost the appearance in size of a piece of art, which is useful if you will be choosing a smaller piece.

4. With Candles

Candles are a very traditional decorative aspect of mantle decoration. They perfectly complement the warmth of the fire going on behind them, and are a soothing, traditional accessory for the fireplace.

However, an alternative to traditional candles can be our lacquer tealight candle holders. Featured is our incredibly popular red and black splash design. The glossy sheen of the black and metallic splash of the red is mesmerizing, and the different interpretations of the splash allow for you to become lost in your own imagination. In fact, many of our clients allude to seeing different things in the design, including flowers, fireworks, inkblots and jellyfish among the few! Whatever you see, the timeless effect of a rich red against a deep black background looks timeless for any contemporary home. 

5. With Natural Materials

From autumn through to winter there are a number of naturally occurring materials on display which make for perfect mantlepiece editions.


Earthly brown fircones, fiery pumpkins, and leaves turning from rustic reds to honeyed ambers are just some of the items which can help put your fireplace in that seasonal fall mood. What’s more, the depth of these colors can provide a much needed splash of warmth through the bleaker, bluer months of January and February. 

We hope this combination of different ideas and styles kick starts your New Year’s fireplace mantel decorating. Make sure you take advantage and don’t miss out on our New Years sale! Shop our online store today. 

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