5 Wooden Gifts for Valentines Day

Wood is a fantastic material for Valentine’s Gifts. Marked as one of the materials in the traditional anniversary gift giving guide, wood has long been identified as symbolising strength, durability, longevity and robustness. 

So why not go outside of the traditional teddies and high street gifts this year and celebrate the strength of yours and your partner’s relationship with a gift bound to delight in its uniqueness. 

We’ve rounded up the five best wooden gifts for Valentines Day in our brief gift guide.

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  1. Metallic Red Lacquer Wooden Vases

Our gorgeous metallic red wooden lacquer vases are always a standout centrepiece for any focal point, or table decoration. A decadent rich red, painted over a metallic silver background gives these vases an almost three-dimensional depth of colour. Sensuous, warming and romantic, a red vase will always be the perfect complement to red roses,  or indeed any other flowers.

Even better, our vases are made from Jackfruit wood which is a sustainable tree found growing in Vietnam. Throughout every season it produces the largest fruit in the world providing a natural food source, as well as a whole host of other things including: wood for timber, dye for clothing, as well as glue for materials, food for goats and even ingredients for medicines. So not only is it the perfect colour for valentines day, it’s the perfect homeware addition too.

Our vases are fantastic homeware items. See how lacquer products can become centrepieces for fireplaces and mantels. 

  1. Pressed Flower Wooden Trinket Box

Trinket boxes are small caskets designed to capture memories in the form of jewelry, curiosities, and other sentimental objects. 

Our lacquer trinket boxes have the added benefit of being made through traditional Vietnamese lacquer processes. This gives them an incredible depth of colour, glossy shine and added robustness should the worst happen and they’re knocked over! So you can be assured the precious items encased within them will remain safe and secure.

This red and black splash design is a perfect colour scheme for a Valentine’s Day gift. A great addition in a colourful boho-chic room décor, it will feel equally at home in a subtle note of colour or a neutral colour scheme. Stylish, timeless and classic, this is one of our best-selling designs.

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  1. Wooden Engraved Set of Personalised Keyrings

Keyrings are a popular choice for a small gift that says a lot. Though there are many different types, a wooden keyring is a unique choice because of its symbolisation of strength and stability.

These personalised matching keyrings fit together, which makes their message even more romantic. Made from walnut wood, the heart shape comes with a key that is cut out to become two separate key rings. Just add names or dates to be engraved onto each key ring, and you’ll have the perfect romantic token for the one you love.

  1. Personalised Wooden Drinks Coasters

Who says that tea coasters can’t be romantic?! These coasters are not only carved in the shape of a love heart, but they’re built to be durable too: Just like the two of you.

Whether you’re coffee lovers, or your favourite way to unwind on an evening is with some rubbish tele and a cup of tea, it’s time to invest in your own unique love heart coasters. Handcrafted from oak and abbl to be personalised with your surnames, these are bound to bring a smile any time they’re bought out.

  1. Wooden Lacquer Tea Light Holder

What would Valentine’s Day dinner be without candles? If you’re looking to set that romantic atmosphere, then look no further than this metallic red tealight holder.

Our signature hot cherry red colour looks stunning as a bridge tealight holder for either three or five tealights. A great gift for Valentine’s Day, ruby red is always a great addition to any room. The colour is hand-painted on a silver aluminium-leaf background giving a metallic, almost three-dimensional depth of colour and shine. 

Our metallic red wooden lacquer tealight holders are suitable for all standard tealights, but we advise that only tealight candles with an aluminium outer are used. Each hole has a flame retardant inner. As with all candles, they should never be left unattended and the tealights should be properly extinguished before they fully burn down

Not found what you’re looking for? Take a browse through our online shop. We stock a number of different unique wooden lacquer gifts, perfect for romantic occasions like valentines or other anniversaries.