5 Year Anniversary Gift Guide Ideas

Happy five years! Now, knock on wood. At least if you’re a traditionalist anyway.

According to the traditional anniversary gift giving guidelines, wood should make up the material of your five year anniversary gifts. Why? Because wood is said to symbolise the strength of your marriage bond. Its longevity and durability indicates a relationship that is solid, and that will of course continue to withstand the test of time.

So whether you’re searching for your partner or shopping on behalf of a happy couple, if you’re looking for a wooden gift with just a hint of uniqueness, we’ve curated a roundup for you in this handy gift guide.

1. Balancing Wooden Lacquer Wine Holder

It would be remiss for us not to mention a product of ours that delights and captivates the attention of gift recipients and guests alike: Our balancing wooden lacquer wine holder.

At Silkwood Traders, all our products are handmade through the intricate process of lacquer. Each product has layer upon layer of lacquer applied over a period of several months, and in between layers, the item is sanded back before another layer is applied. This is what gives it such a depth of colour, and just like the symbolisation of wood for a five year anniversary, it also makes it robust!

Don’t worry, it will balance. Each wine holder is tested as it is made to ensure that it can handle a bottle of any shape or size. All it needs is to be placed on a flat surface with the hole facing upright and the neck of the bottle securely placed through the hole. You can even push the neck further through or back if you really want to see some extreme balancing effects! 

Some customers have told us they display empty bottles that remind them of a special event such as an anniversary or a very special night (ssh – your secret is safe with us!), so however you choose to use yours, it’s sure to be a real visual treat and stunning way to display your anniversary bottle of bubbly.

2. Soundwave Wooden Wall Art

Bound to be a hit with music lovers or just plain old romantics. With this soundwave wooden wall art, you can transform any soundwave from a voice clip, or even your first dance song, into a piece of wall art. 

This truly is a unique gift and something that is bound to have a lot of long lasting sentimental meaning. All you need to do is send your selected song or an audio file, and the unique sound waves will be printed directly onto a ¾” thick piece of birchwood. You can add a special gift, initials or even a date that means a lot to you and the wall art even comes ready for hanging with mounting screws.

3. Metallic Red Wooden Vases

Flowers usually make an appearance on anniversaries, but what about having something special to display them in? 

Our gorgeous metallic red wooden lacquer vases act as the standout centrepiece your table needs. A gorgeous rich red, painted over a metallic silver background gives these vases an irresistible shine and depth of colour that’s almost three-dimensional. Sensuous, warming and may be just a tad decadent, a red vase will make a perfect match for those red roses (or any other flowers!)

Our vases are made from Jackfruit wood, a sustainable tree found growing in Vietnam. No matter the season, it produces the largest fruit in the world and provides wood for timber, dye for clothing, as well as glue for materials, food for goats and even ingredients for medicines. So not only does it look good in your home, it’ll feel good there too.

For more ideas on finding a decorative centrepiece, take a look through our blog here!

4. Personalised Wine Serving Tray

Just like with the uniqueness of our wine holder, another great way to celebrate your anniversary with your favourite bottle of wine is with a personalised wine serving tray!

This serving tray will undoubtedly come in useful, whether you’re entertaining or kicking back with just the two of you. Made of pure birchwood, it features a handcrafted mandala inspired design with a bottle slot and holdings for up to four stemmed wine glasses. You can personalise the tray with anything meaningful to you, like names, initials or even the date you got married. 

5. Pressed Flower Wooden Lacquer Trinket Box

Trinket boxes are timeless small caskets. Mostly used to hold jewelry, curiosities, and other sentimental objects by their nature they often become mini time capsules, used to store and hold precious memories.

Our lacquer trinket boxes benefit from the process of traditional Vietnamese lacquer to shine in an incredible depth of colour, and benefit from added robustness too. That means that if they should ever fall, they’ll keep the precious items encased within them safe and secure.

Each flower on our wooden lacquer trinket box is hand-painted on to a black background and combines a sunny, mellow yellow with a pop of rich, vibrant red. A lovely, warm, friendly design and a perfect anniversary gift as you collect more memories together.

6. Personalised Wooden Noughts and Crosses Game

If you and your spouse are competitive, or just keen gamers, you can both enjoy this personalised version of the classic noughts and crosses game.

Completely handmade from maple wood, and originating from Greensboro in North Carolina, this special gift is hand carved and crafted with care. Featuring a field of incised hearts and four lines of seven characters each, you can then add your personal touch by adding names, anniversary dates, or just a touching message to the one you love.

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7. Lacquer Wooden Coaster Set

Got a whiskey or sherry lover in your life? Then why not treat them to these wooden lacquer coasters to really set off their favourite tipples.

Each of the eight coasters in our wooden lacquer coaster sets are made by hand. Our eggshell and mosaic designs especially come with a very special added touch… Take a closer look and you’ll realise that this design is actually made up of thousands of tiny pieces of real, crushed eggshell. Eggshell `painting’ is a traditional artform in Vietnam and these eggshell pieces have painstakingly been placed by hand by skilled craftspeople. Subtle shading effects and gradations give the different coloured egg shell piece beige, cream and light brown highlights depending on the lights – so watch how they change through the day.

Our wooden coasters are suitable for either hot or cold drinks, and just need wiping clean and dry with a lint free cloth as required.

8. Boutique Vintage Personalised Wooden Cutting Board

It may not seem like the instantaneous first choice of wedding gift – but you’d be surprised! These rustic vintage farmhouse chopping boards are going down a treat as wedding and anniversary gifts.

It’s multi purposeness gives it a unique edge: It’s functionable and able to be used as a real chopping board, or instead you can hang it pride of place in a kitchen or dining area. Crafted from a natural wood of your choice: Either cherry, oak or walnut, the chopping board features natural and organic tints, patterns, and knots making each board unique! Six designs are available and each can be customised with first or last names and wedding or other special dates.

That completes our gift guide for the best, most traditional 5 year anniversary gifts you can give in 2021! There are some truly unique and original choices here which are bound to delight for their bespoke qualities. 

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