Pow – a video is born!

I’ve finally knuckled down and decided to have a go at making a video. Now we’re not talking The Favourite or A Star is Born but I am a little bit chuffed with my efforts!

I’ve been reading a lot online about how videos are the way of the future and I have to agree. I mean who doesn’t love a video of baby Tasmanian Devils running around or dogs taking flying leaps in to piles of leaves! (err-hmm – both of which are on my Facebook page……!!!!)

So when pondering what to put in my video I realised that we have some lovely photos of our products which I try to use around our website and on marketing materials. However I couldn’t think of more ways to make better use of them up until now.

Not only we were lucky enough to have the most amazing friends in Fee and Peter who let us `borrow’ their lovely house for a photo shoot but we were also¬† fortunate to be able to utilise the talents of students from Falmouth University who took the photos for us. So using an online programme called Powtoon, and some rather funky acoustic background music (which is now going round and round in my head like a demon!) I made a short video using some of our lovely lifestyle shots.

I’d love to know what you think so please do have a look and your kind feedback is warmly welcomed! Also on Youtube and Facebook – weeeeee – I’m really getting social now!



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