Black wooden lacquer wine holder


What could be a simpler than a plain, black wooden lacquer wine holder as sleek as a panther and ready to rock and roll your favourite tipple. No messing, no fuss just a plain, black glossy curve of inky coolness.


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A Silkwood Traders black wooden lacquer wine holder starts life as a tree from managed plantations which after being harvested is turned into a wood composite fibreboard. Each holder is carefully prepared to ensure correct balance, hand-painted and layer upon layer of lacquer applied over a period of several months. In between each layer of lacquer, the item is left to dry, sanded back and then another layer applied giving a beautiful shine and depth of colour. It also results in a strong and robust finish which can withstand most bumps and drops. But always better to be safe than sorry so we always advise to handle with care.  After all, it took three months to make!

The black wooden lacquer wine holder is very easy to use. Just place on a flat surface with the hole facing upright to either your right or left and place the neck of the bottle through the hole. Ensure the neck is nice and securely through, then gently let go. The wine bottle will balance! Try pushing the neck further through or further back for even more extreme balancing effects! And, as long as you’ve put the cork or lid back on nice and tightly, you can use it even if your bottle has been opened.

Some customers have told us they display empty bottles that remind them of a special event such as an anniversary or a very special night (ssh – your secret is safe with us!) or just because they loved the label! However you choose to use yours, it’s sure to be a real visual treat and stunning way to display your bottle.

Your black wooden lacquer wine holder will come packaged in its own plain black fabric protective sleeve and shipped in strong cardboard box. We also include a `how to use your wine holder’ bookmark, blank gift card and information card about how lacquerware is made.


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2 reviews for Black wooden lacquer wine holder

  1. Felicity Morte

    I’ve bought a few of these as gifts. They’re fun, they are functional & in time I fancy they will be iconic!

  2. Stella

    Bought for my parents, it a really stylish and fun bottle holder.
    Great a table centre peice or just sitting on the side.

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