Dragonfly angled wine bottle holder


The delicate and ephemeral nature of the dragonfly is captured in flight by our skilled craftspeople. Look closely and you’ll see that the dragonfly is made from hundreds of tiny pieces of eggshell inlaid on a black background. Absolutely stunning example of the ancient craft of Vietnamese eggshell painting, our dragonfly is a work of art in miniature. Each one is slightly different ensuring that your dragonfly will be one of a kind.  Cool, sophisticated, lyrical and dreamy – float away with a wooden lacquer dragonfly wineholder!

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The dragonfly angled wine bottle holder balances a single bottle of wine, either open or closed. To use the natural wood angled wine bottle holder carefully place the neck of a standard sized bottle of wine in the hole and gently move it back and forwards until you find the point of balance.  Your bottle will seem to float in mid-air as if by magic.

Your dragonfly angled wine bottle holder will come packaged in its own plain black fabric protective sleeve and shipped in strong cardboard box. We also include a `how to use your wine holder’ bookmark, blank gift card and information card about how lacquerware is made.

The eggshell dragonfly – how do they make it ?

Egg shell is crushed and inserted on to the wood , then the whole piece is painted. The paint is then wiped  off the egg shell areas. Lightly sanded , then this process is repeated up to 15 times.

However, how did they get the different coloured shading effects that can range from dark brown to beige to cream and almost white?

The family in Vietnam collect local egg and duck shell from from shops , wash them , place them on large steel trays and place on an open fire for about 5 minutes. Where the shell is touching the tray it begins to turn dark brown. The tray is removed from the fire and allowed to cool down. Now the egg shells have shades of colour from dark brown to white.

All the eggs are then crushed with rolling pins and a large pile of shell is ready to be sorted. The family then sit around and with great dexterity each pick out a shade of colour and fill their bowl. Finally we have up to eight bowls of different coloured egg shell ready to be inserted into the wood.

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