Metallic red wooden lacquer remote control box


Tired of losing the remote down the back of the sofa? Wondering where the highlighter pen is to highlight the next episode of Strictly in the Radio Times? Well, ponder no longer! Our metallic red remote control box is the perfect way to keep all your remotes and tv-watching necessities close to hand.

The metallic red remote control box has four sections, and the centre sections are removeable so you can use the box for storing larger items if you wish. Also ideal for biros, spectacle cases, knitting paraphernalia or anything at all!

Presented in our signature metallic hot cherry red colour with mother of pearl inlaid round the front edge of the box.

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A Silkwood Traders metallic red wooden lacquer remote control box starts life as a tree from managed plantations which after being harvested is turned into a wood composite fibreboard. Each metallic red wooden lacquer remote control box  is carefully prepared, hand-painted and layer upon layer of lacquer applied over a period of several months. In between each layer of lacquer, the metallic red wooden lacquer remote control box is left to dry, sanded back and then another layer applied giving a beautiful shine and depth of colour. It also results in a strong and robust finish which can withstand most bumps and drops. But always better to be safe than sorry so we always advise to handle with care.  After all, it took three months to make!

  • 21cm x 10cm x 8.7cm
  • Four sections with three removeable dividers. Each compartment is, with the dividers in place, approx. 4.5cm x 8cm x 7.5cm
  • Presented in a handmade, silk-covered gift box
  • Includes `how lacquer is made’ information card and blank gift card

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Weight.8 kg
Dimensions21 × 10 × 8.7 cm


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