Tiger’s Eye wooden lacquer coaster set


Elegant stripes of different shades of brown ensure these coasters always look well turned out. Their subtle sophistication really suits the very popular Scandi-chic and neutral interior design trends. A great gift idea for the chaps.


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A Silkwood Traders Tiger’s Eye wooden lacquer coaster set starts life as a tree from managed plantations which after being harvested is turned into a wood composite fibreboard. Each coaster and its box is hand-painted and layer upon layer of lacquer applied over a period of several months. In between each layer of lacquer, the item is left to dry, sanded back and then another layer applied giving a beautiful shine and depth of colour. It also results in a strong and robust finish which can withstand most bumps and drops. But always better to be safe than sorry so we always advise to handle with care.  After all, they took three months to make!

The Tiger’s Eye wooden lacquer coaster set includes eight coasters comes with a matching lidded lacquer box in the same design.

The wooden coasters are suitable for hot or cold drinks. Just wipe clean and dry with a lint free cloth as required. Each coaster is foam backed to protect surfaces.  Dimensions of each coaster are: 10cm x10cm x 0.3cm.

What’s in a name?

There are many stories about where Tiger’s Eye, the precious gemstone, got its name. Some believe that the gemstone was named for the big cat, the tiger. Rather than resembling the tiger’s actual eyes or its stripes, I rather like the story that the name is based more on the behaviour of the tiger – its unwavering focus and patience when waiting for the right time to strike. So when dunking your digestive in your favourite mug of tea, whilst it’s sat upon a Tiger’s Eye coaster, we wish you infinite patience, focus and clarity to decide the right time to finish off the packet!


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