S’not snowing here!

Trixie and the Amazing Red Vase










So here we are sitting in Penzance today. OK – it was a bit rainy and then a glorious sunny afternoon so walked Trixie pooch up the prom thinking Spring has sprung! Came home, got all springy-fied all over the  Silkwood website and was feeling quite pleased with all the daffodils and sunshiney colours. Go to have dinner (curried sausages – surprisingly good – I’m a convert!) , and hear on Radio Cornwall there’s 100 cars stuck in snow on Bodmin Moor!  Slightly surreal so many apologies if you are or have been stuck in snow – we might yet get some but for now it’s daffs all the way!

So, I may have got ahead of myself but I’m definitely feeling a spring in my step. January is over and it’s no long dark at 5pm. So I’m sending Spring-vibes your way and hoping that whatever the weather you’re happy, healthy and ready to face the future – whatever it decides to fling at us all!

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