Ordered a vase for my sister which was lovely, fast delivery, very well packaged so no damage in transit, I also had a lovely note from seller saying that they used to have an aunt zillah, which I thought was sweet, just so you know seller my name actually came from an aunt zillah ??

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  1. John Post author

    Hi Zillah, so glad you liked your lacquerware.
    So my great New Zealand Aunt Zillah actually divorced my great uncle as they lived on a 500 acre farm in north Auckland ( gift from being in WW1 ) and he took so long to make a stone path to the outhouse tin fenced loo, that she broke her hip one day and said that’s it. Very controversial back in 1950 ish.
    He did however make a brilliant water wheel on his river to power some electricity.
    So I guess they’re not the same Aunt Zillah !

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