More beautiful additions to my home

It so difficult to convey the brilliance of the finish on this lacquerware in website pictures. One must hold them to really appreciate the quality.
When I gaze into the deep deep gloss of the lacquer, I can appreciate the three-month process each item has taken to become that which I am holding. That is not a feeling I get when looking at some mass-produced piece plucked from a shelf full of identical items at a local branch of a homeware store.
I find every piece of lacquerware I buy from Silkwood Traders has its own character. Take vases, for example: Whether a plain black gloss complemented by flowers, twigs or branches, or the stunning beauty of the Picasso collection, each piece is receptive to a versatile embellishment whilst having enough character to stand for itself unadorned. Beautiful!

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  1. Joceline Post author

    Stunning review Michael! We couldn’t have put it better ourselves. It’s so wonderful to hear how much you’re enjoying your pieces. All the best Michael and thanks for your continued support.

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