Finding some space

So there is a plus side to driving rain, hail, relentless wind and  – oh blink and you’ll miss it – a few rays of sunshine! It’s the perfect time to rearrange cupboards, move furniture and tidy up those scary corners. We’ve been busy doing just that here at home and it’s amazing how shifting something can give a room – and your mood – a real boost.

I’ve been negotiating my way round two ugly  – but useful – desk pedestal thingies in my office for over a year. They blocked a cupboard, turned into a dumping ground for endless bits of paper and generally made that corner of the room a gloomy old hole! I finally got rid of one and moved the other and hey presto – seems like a new office!  Seems like a small thing but especially at this time of year, having a clear out and tidy up shifts and hopefully lifts both our physical and mental energy. Creating some space in which to reflect, plan and move forward is perhaps the greatest gift we can give ourselves at this time of year.

Good luck with any physical and mental clearing you’re undertaking and who knows – shifting that dodgy bit of  furniture could be a life-changing moment! Try it and see!


Love and blessings – Jos, John and Trixie-dog – on the cliffs near Levant and Geevor mines, Penwith, Cornwall. 

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