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It’s almost the most magical time of the year!  To you the run-up to Christmas might start in October, or November, if you’re really lucky! For us, it started back in January when we rolled off the sofa after one too many mince pies and started planning for Christmas markets for later in the year.

We start applying for and planning for our Christmas shows almost as soon as we finish them. We do a major stock-take and then John starts work on possibly the most complicated excel spreadsheet ever to try and predict stock requirements for the year ahead – without knowing which shows we’ve been able to get into. (That man really does have a crystal ball I’m sure of it!)

Our order for lacquerware gets sent off to Vietnam in March/April time and work starts on carefully preparing the wooden shapes ready for hand-painting and coating in layer upon layer of lacquer. Each piece takes three months to make and then everything has to be carefully checked, packed according to John’s meticulous spreadsheet, fitted inside a 20ft container and then finally it hits the high seas for a one month sea voyage.

While this is all going on, we’re planning for the shows, making contact with staff, arranging accommodation and even trying to work out if it really is possible, in a hotel room,  to `cook’ spaghetti in a flask! (long story – John is away from home from early Nov until Christmas Eve and even he gets fed up with KFC after a while!)

So the best bit finally happens when we can get on the road, set up the chalets, arrange the stock and meet all our lovely customers, some of whom we see every year. It really is a wonderful experience to be with our customers as they are thinking about friends and relations and what to buy them. Without being too sloppy – you really can feel the `lurve’!! And, as luck would have it, thank goodness both John and I absolutely love Christmas! I can’t get enough of carols and Christmas songs, new decorations, stollen and tinsel and all things festive!

We’ve got some great new designs this year so why not come along and see us at a Christmas Market. If you haven’t been to one before, they are held in some of the most beautiful cities and towns in the country. Decked out in twinkling lights  with the smells of mulled wine and bratwurst filling the air, Christmas markets are full of  music and entertainment and best of all, dozens if not hundreds of chalets packed full of lots of lovely goodies that will make the ideal gift for someone near and dear. Hopefully it will be  cold and crisp rather than blowing a gale and raining but whatever the weather there’s really nothing better! So go on, support small independent businesses and rather than shop on-line, shop in a chalet!

Hope to see you there! love Jos


Come and see us at:

Bath Christmas Market – 23 Nov – 10 December 2017 

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Salisbury Christmas Market – 23 November – 22 December 2017

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Edinburgh Christmas Market – 18 November 2017- 6 January 2018

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Winchester Christmas Market – 20 November – 22 December 2017

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York Christmas Market – 16 November – 22 December 2017 

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Living North Christmas Fair, York racecourse 9-12 November 2017


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2 thoughts on “Come and see us at a Christmas market

  1. Pat Lawton

    My sister and I bought all sort off you last year when you were in Chester. We both hope you are coming to Chester again this year – fingers crossed. Everyone who received one of your items from us for Christmas were thrilled to bits – and that is why we hope you will be here again. Please do not disappoint us and all your other Chester customers.

    • Joceline Post author

      Hi Pat, We had a lovely time in Chester but I’m so sorry we won’t be there this year. So many lovely shows and not enough time! We’ll be at York again and the lovely Sue who you may have met in Chester is running the chalet for us in York so why not make a day of it and have a trip over?

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