Wooden lacquer bowls in Autumn colours

image showing how a Silkwood Traders wooden lacquer bowl can be used for floating flower heads in water as a decorative table centrepiece
Pressed flower wooden lacquer bowl

I’m so excited to be able to share with you our video featuring our wooden lacquer bowls, coasters and vases. We wanted to produce something that really showcased our products and demonstrated how they can be used. The super-talented film-maker Jordan Weeks absolutely nailed it and we are so lucky to have amazing friends, Fee and Peter who let us borrow their house again. And Fee clearly has a new career in waiting as a hand model!

The video shows how our wooden lacquer bowls can be used for food use, for floating flower heads or candles and can be easily hand washed. Our wooden lacquer sets of 8 coasters are also shown being used for both hot and cold drinks and our vases as ideal decorative items and for displaying silk flowers.

Hope you enjoy the video. It will be featured on our new video screens at some of our Christmas chalets so do come and see us at Exeter, Bath, Winchester, Lincoln or York.

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